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"The Talk"

Dear Church Family,

One of the great gifts God has given to us within the confines of marriage is the gift of intimacy; however, the rampant abuse of this gift is widespread in our culture. Every day we hear about people abusing sex, teen sexting, adults soliciting teens, marriages destroyed by adultery, and the internet robbing children of their innocence.

As a church, we can choose to teach on God’s wonderful design for intimacy or we can choose to be silent. However, let me promise you one thing: The world will not be silent.

Our adults and teenagers need the church to provide God honoring, biblical teaching on the issues of romance, intimacy, dating, singleness, marriage and sex.

Upcoming Sermon Series

This Sunday we begin a 5 week sermon series to discover what the Bible says about this wonderful gift. We will discuss how God’s design for dating, romance, and intimacy point toward the union we have in Christ.

We will also be reminded of how Satan abuses our God given desires to distort God’s gift and how the God of grace is able to bring healing and forgiveness.

What About Children in Worship?

All of our teaching will come directly from the Bible, however, some of the texts covered in this series will be too mature for preschool and elementary age children. Therefore, Wee Worship and Zone Children’s Worship will be available at both the 8:15 and 10:45 services throughout this series. Please utilize these great ministries during worship so children may be introduced to these issues at an age that you determine.

I believe the subject matter will be helpful for teenagers. Still, I completely understand the sensitivity of this topic, and if you have concerns, I am glad to provide a manuscript of each sermon in advance so you can make the best decision for your teen. Simply email me at or call 873-7338 if you would like to receive a manuscript of the sermon each week.

Sunday Night Parenting Seminars

We want to equip you to navigate these sensitive topics with children by providing two helpful sessions on Sunday nights during this series.

August 20th 6:00 – How to Have “The Talk” With Children

We will discuss how to have an ongoing conversation with your kids about the “Birds and the Bees” and at what ages these conversations should occur. There will also be a presentation on modesty as well as age appropriate resources for you to review and even purchase if you like.

September 10th 6:00 – Protecting Your Children and Teens Online

How do we manage internet and phone usage in order to protect our children? We will make you aware of threats to your children, provide suggestions on how you can respond to them, and introduce some devices and software to help keep your kids safe online.

Lastly, I hope you will plan to be part of worship during this series. This series will be helpful regardless of whether you are single or married. I believe we will laugh, we will cry, and we will be amazed and what the Bible truly has to say about intimacy and sexuality. As a church, let us choose to strengthen our lives by listening to God’s instruction and come with open hearts and minds to see what God will do through us.


Dr. Michael Cabell