We love this church, and we are privileged to call it home. I hope that you will soon feel the same way.


The church exists to glorify God. Christ is the leader of our church. The church is built on Jesus, for Jesus, and by Jesus. Our greatest hope is to seek Him and follow His desires for our lives. We seek Him by worshipping Him together and individually.


We are a family. And just as a family loves each other, supports and encourages one another, serves side-by-side, and enjoys community together, we believe that God has placed us in community to do the same things as a family of faith! Church membership is a joining of the family and an invitation to sit at the table. Because we are a family, we believe that everyone, no matter their background or stage of life, has a seat at the table and a role to play in God’s magnificent plan.


My great hope is that you will find a place in our church, and that you will build relationships that lead you closer to Christ and provide solace on life’s darkest days. Whether you are a long-time believer looking to grow deeper in your faith or a new believer looking to learn more about your budding faith, we have a place for you. Maybe you have even been hurt by a local church. We want Versailles Baptist Church to be a place where you can heal. I believe that we are a safe place for those who do not know Jesus to come and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. We believe that our faith family is a safe place for you to learn, grow, ask questions, and heal.


God has given the local church the great task of sharing the message of Jesus’ love with the world. Each year dozens of members of our faith family travel all over the world to share the message of Christ’s love with those who have not heard. God’s calling on our lives has led us to the furthest corners of the earth. We currently partner with churches and ministries including an orphanage in Mexico, church planters in Canada, Maine, and Boston, and poverty-ridden Appalachia. A large portion of VBC’s budget supports missional endeavors all over the world. While we know that God has called us to the nations, we believe that God has firstly called us to our own community. We have a vibrant Hispanic church at VBC, and a Congolese church worships in our building every week. We also have hundreds of church members who volunteer with local ministry efforts in Versailles and Woodford County.

I hope that you will find your home at Versailles Baptist Church. I would love to talk to you personally about what God is doing in your life and how He is leading you. Please call us at (859) 873-7338 or email me at connor@versaillesbaptist.org. I hope to hear from you.

Connor Alford

Senior Pastor, Versailles Baptist Church