Guest Information

You’re new? Don’t worry, all of us were at one point! We hope you discover that Versailles Baptist has a place for you. We are a family-centric, Southern Baptist church that believes in the authority of Scripture as the only basis for our lives, our worship, and our talents! We are not a perfect people, actually just the opposite. We are people who know what the grace of Jesus looks like and our goal is to spread that message of hope to our city, our state, our nation, and the world!

Here are some answers to frequent questions we hear around here:

  • What do you believe?

    In simple terms we believe that God the Creator loved people so much that he provided a way out of sin, Jesus his Son. Jesus would die on the cross for our sins, raise to life on the third day and then send the Holy Spirit to live inside of believers.

    We believe salvation is available to anyone who would confess Jesus as Savior.

    We believe the Bible, Holy Scripture, is totally true, trustworthy, and without error. 

    We believe the church (global) is the bride of Christ whose mission is to glorify God through worship, please God through community, and serve God through mission.

    We believe Jesus will return one day to take us home to be with Him and we look forward to that day!

    We would love the opportunity to share more with you about what Jesus means to us!


    Versailles Baptist has multiple options for parking. If you are a guest we would be honored if you parked in our guest parking spots located in the Green Street parking lot, just across the street from our building. Don’t worry, we won’t write down your license plate or stick a flyer on your vehicle. We just want you to have the best parking spot available. There is also reserved parking in our main lot for parents of babies and preschoolers.  

    Additionally,  we have parking behind Thoroughbred Square located across Main Street and in our annex parking lot just past the intersection of Green and Locust.


    We are grateful for the building that God has blessed us with. However we won’t pretend it’s not confusing! When you arrive you can find building layout maps in the entry ways or better yet a greeter can help you find a Sunday School Class or the Sanctuary. Additionally we’d love for you to stop by our Welcome Center located in the second-floor connector which is immediately past the Fellowship Hall when you enter from the back entrance.

    All of our student ministry rooms are located in the lower level, our preschool on the second level, and children’s ministry on the third level. You’ll find our sanctuary on the lower level.


    From Versailles:

    We are located in downtown Versailles, at the corner of Main Street and Green Street. 

    From Lexington:

    Take Versailles Road (US 60) west for 9 miles. Do not turn right onto the US 60 bypass, but stay straight  on US  60.
    US 60 will end at Main St. directly in front of the Court House.
    Turn right onto Main St. and go approximately 1 block.
    Turn right onto Green St.  The church will be on your left.

    From Frankfort:
    Take US 60 East from Frankfort for approximately 9.5 miles.
    Turn slightly right onto US 60/US62 when you reach Versailles.
    Follow US60/US62 for approximately 1 mile.  The church will be on your left.
    Turn left onto Green St.

    From Georgetown:
    Take Payne’s Depot Rd. west for 4 miles.
    Merge onto I64 West for 3.4 miles.
    Take Exit 65 for Midway/Versailles.
    Turn slightly right onto US 421 for 0.2 miles.
    Turn left onto US62 (Midway Rd.) for 7 miles through Midway. US 62 ends at US60.
    Turn left onto US60.
    Turn slightly right onto US60/US62 into Versailles for approximately 1 mile.
    Turn left onto Green St.

  • when are your services?

    Our services are at 8:45 & 11:00am in the sanctuary. When you choose to come, let us know by completing THIS FORM. This information will be shared with our pastoral staff to better plan for your upcoming visit.

  • What's versailles baptist like?

    VBC is a “come as you” are kind of atmosphere. Pre-Covid you would find some people dressed up in suits, others in business casual, and others in jeans! And now things have relaxed even more. We believe Jesus is more concerned with the condition of your heart rather than the condition of your clothes.  Right from the start you will find some friendly folks who will make you feel welcome and who you will find have many of the same concerns and struggles with life that you you have! We are diverse in age, race, economic status, and levels of spiritual depth. There is a place for you!

  • What about my kids?

    At Versailles Baptist kids and students are one of our top priorities. We offer programming for preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. For more information on these ministries please click on their name.

Get connected

Attending a worship service is a great way to get a feel for the personality of our church, but we believe true connection is found in a smaller setting.  Sunday School Small Groups are our most significant opportunity for finding and establishing community within our church family.  Find one today that best fits you!